5 thoughts on “From Qufu to Hohhot Collection

  1. Thanks for posting all of these pictures…so fun to see. There are some particularly sweet group shots!
    And Happy Birthday to Trey – looks like you had a pretty delicious cake :)!

  2. We just took another Journey looking back at all your photos! We just can’t get enough of them and love reading all your journal entries. The videos are splendid. We hope you are loving Hohhot and yor big performance is coming together nicely.

  3. Kevin, these photos are incredible! Thank you so much for documenting this amazing adventure as well as the kids’ reactions as they experience it. It is wonderful seeing the camaraderie and the excitement, with a little bit of silliness mixed in!

  4. These pictures are fabulous – takes us on the journey with the kids. What an opportunity they have had to see all these beautiful places and to meet new friends.

  5. These pictures will be great for the kids of Journey East to have in an album. Something they can show their children and grandchildren. Thank you for posting.

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