2018-4-17 – Ellie Longo – Friendly Soccer

So today was a pretty fantastic day all together.  We woke up to eat breakfast and then had an hour chorus practice in the morning that was added to the itinerary late last night which wasn’t a bad idea (we need more chorus practice.)  After that it was the time we had all been waiting for: Game time.  Soccer: Leland and Gray vs Inner Mongolian Arts College.  All the chorus was excited because their teacher said if they had a good rehearsal that day with us then they could watch our soccer game so they did.  We got our own jerseys that we got to keep and a new pair of goalie gloves which Ms. R got, as she was our goalie. Friendly soccerThe game was intense and their team was good.  All but one of our players played at least for a few minutes by swapping out players every few minutes.  We ended the game with a win of 5-4, which was a victory for everyone because the other team got to take smiling pictures with us that showed we still like them.

We then had lunch and rest and then it was time to spend the rest of the day with host families.  Most of the host families had something to do with the arts college.  We were sent off in pairs with different host families.  Ethan and I went with a 17-year-old percussionist who is my new best friend for life.  We had seen him before and I even played a song with him in the concert with two other people; Siena and Rita.  We went back to his house and he played us a huge marimba and he was incredible.  He had won first place in Japan’s musical contest and so many other awards.  His goal is to become a drummer.  Then we learned how to make dumplings with his mom which was fun and easier than it looks (at least the part we did.)  After this he showed us that he was good at Fortnite and then we all played more instruments together and took a walk around the neighborhood which was gorgeous.  I know that everyone had a different experience so I can’t speak for them but I had an amazing time with him.  Out of everyone I have met on this trip I will miss him the most by far.  All-together the day was a win-win for me.

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