2018-4-11 – Quinn Kelloway – Rehearsal

Today we started off with breakfast at our hotel. The hotel we stay at offers an interesting mix of western and Chinese dishes.

After breakfast, we had our first lesson of the day which was a mixture of chorus class and the traditional dance. We have been learning with the attached middle school students. We started with the chorus class and the song they picked for us to collaborate with them with was quite difficult. The way that they read music is much different from the way we read music, so we had to get slightly different copies of the music. Karlie really helped us figure out the new style of teaching with the Chinese teacher. The style of teaching is also extremely different from what we are used to back home. It is slightly more grueling, but not understanding is not an option here. They do a thing until they get the result they want and in some ways,  I enjoy it more than the American way of accepting something that may not be your best.

I especially liked the dance class that we had after chorus, we had already worked on the dance the day before and thanks to my extremely helpful and forgiving dance partner I had got the dance mostly down. I was kind of forced to figure out the dance and not give it half try because I was placed dead center and front stage. If you know me or my dance ability at all this selection was not based on skill but much more random.

We had lunch at the school’s cafeteria after our morning classes which was welcomed happily.

Our afternoon was a little bit lower key, which is funny because we had a performance at a local high school. When we got to the high school we were welcomed and then split up and visited some classes. My group visited an English class and got to talk with the students and teacher about everything about our lives. This was, so far, my favorite activity we have done on this trip, it was short and sweet, but I felt like I got along with the students in the class really well and shared some common interest. Also, the English teacher was extremely friendly laid back and funny, which made me feel like I was back home at Leland and Gray. It was fantastic to see students who clearly had a strong relationship with their teacher like I feel I have at Leland and Gray.

We then found the auditorium and started our performance. At this point in the trip our show runs quite smoothly. The only funky part of this performance was it was done during their school day so many of the students had to leave half way through our show.

We had dinner, which was pretty uneventful and then went to another hour-long chorus class from 7-8. At this point we were all pretty burnt, but we pushed through it. After this we got to go back to our hotel and comfy beds.

2 thoughts on “2018-4-11 – Quinn Kelloway – Rehearsal

  1. Hey Quinn,
    Way to push past your comfort zone with the dance! Also, glad to hear you had such a good connection with the kids and teacher you all met in the English class you attended.
    You all look like you’re doing an excellent job in your performances from the pictures, by the way.
    Mom, Dad & Theo

  2. Hi Quinn,

    I really enjoy following your wonderful adventure. I am so happy you have this wonderful opportunity! I loved telling my friends about your dumpling breakfast😊.

    The performance your group does looks amazing.

    Love, Gram

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