2018-4-9 – Siena Sperling – Jinan to Hohhot

We woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel before getting on the bus that would take us to the airport. Even though it was early, the group was awake and ready to start a new leg of the trip. Due to a series of unfortunate events, out of our control, our two-hour early arrival turned into one hour and we began to get a little anxious about the time. We had a flight to catch.

When we arrived at the airport we quickly grabbed our bags from the bus and ran inside to wait in line to check our luggage. After some time, it was my turn to go to the counter to check my luggage. As I approached the counter, I realized that the pull up handle on my suitcase and would not go down. I let people go in front of me as I struggled to push the handle down. It would not budge. Mrs. R and I decided that we would have to look at it from inside the suitcase to figure out where the handle was jammed. While the rest of the group waited, I took out my clothes on the airport floor to get to the bottom of the suitcase where the handle was jammed. Finally, we figured it out and were able to close the handle. Next, we rushed to security with not much time left. Once we had all gotten through security, we checked the time and saw that we only had a few minutes to get to our gate. We went quickly to our gate, only to find that our flight had been delayed. All that rush for nothing!

I had a very enjoyable plane ride to Hohhot because a nice lady with the sweetest baby girl sat next to me. During the whole flight, I got to hold and play with the baby as the mom laughed and took pictures of us. As we were walking to baggage claim at the airport in Hohhot, the tallest man that I have ever seen passed us. Right away I recognized him from the big green Guinness World Record book that I have at home! His name is Bao Xishun and he is 7.9 feet. He was the tallest man in the world until 2009. We grabbed our luggage, then headed over to the bus to go to our hotel and drop our things off.

From the hotel, we had a quick yummy lunch at a restaurant, then took the bus to the Inner Mongolia Arts College to observe dance and music classes. The first class that we observed was a high school girls ballet class. These girls were amazing dancers. They danced in sync with each other and it was so impressive how they were able to perfectly memorize so many movements. Next, we went to a different classroom where another group of high school girls were doing traditional cup dancing. I recognized this dance from when Mongolian students have come to Leland and Gray to perform. The girls gracefully spun and leaped while balancing a stack of teacups on their head! Next, we toured around different classrooms and listened in on student’s music lessons. Everyone was so talented! Many of the instruments I had never seen before, so it was very interesting. After a long day, we finally went back to the hotel to get some rest.



2 thoughts on “2018-4-9 – Siena Sperling – Jinan to Hohhot

  1. I just read your blog aloud to the third graders here while in my classroom. We are all so impressed with your sighting of the Tallest Man in the World!!! Many of the children said they had seen him in a Guinness World Records Book. Thanks for sharing Siena!

  2. I loved your entry Siena. I felt as anxious as you did and, wouldn’t you know it, Chinese air lines are just like ours….delays, delays. At least you had a little friend to play with on the flight. I so enjoy feeling like I am there sharing your experiences. love and kisses, Bubby

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