2018-3-30 – Emily Frost – Mile to ChongQing

Today was a mixture of classes with Chinese high school students and traveling to Chongqing. We had to wake up kind of early so everyone started out tired and slow. Our first activity was a traditional Chinese music class. During this time, we learned a common song about a Jasmine flower. Since learning this song, I have heard it in quite a few other places on the streets being played on instruments or being sung by street performers. After we learned the song we had a chance to play some African drums with the seniors that were in the class. We played a couple of different patterns along with songs and it was fun to see what they had been preparing to show us. After that class we had a few minutes to relax. One of the Chinese students started playing American music and we all had a dance party in the classroom. Our next class was Calligraphy. During this time a teacher taught us specific strokes to help improve our character writing skills.

Then it was time for us to leave the Qinglai school. I was sad because we were only there for two days and I had fun exploring the campus and meeting some of the students who go there. Our next destination was Chongqing. It was only about a three-hour bus ride and a one-hour plane ride so it was a decently easy travel day. In the airport, Mr. Paytas taught a small group of students how to Salsa. I think that we picked it up quickly and the people waiting at our gate really enjoyed watching us learn. Our plane taxied for a long time before takeoff and there was some turbulence, but the view while we were landing in Chongqing was beautiful. The whole city was lit up and it looked like a perfect display from the sky. All of the roads were lined with streetlamps so from the plane I could clearly see everything happening on them. There are extremely tall buildings that light up in vibrant colors, the lights will move across the buildings and sometimes they would flash. The sides of some of the buildings were whole TV screens showing advertisements for various things. I felt like I could see everything that was happening in the city while we were landing and it made me feel comfortable. 

Chongqing is very different from Mile (mee-leu), Mile was more secluded and it had some nice trees and a lake, but Chongqing is a big city with a lot of streets and people and lights. We got to our hotel and had some dinner, some kids did not eat much because we were all exhausted from traveling and some kids are sick so they just wanted to sleep. Our hotel was very comfortable and nice thanks to our friend Mark that helped the adults plan this part of the trip. This day was very long, but fun and I loved finally arriving in Chongqing because I love the atmosphere in the city.

4 thoughts on “2018-3-30 – Emily Frost – Mile to ChongQing

  1. I love how you describe the lights and view of the city. I felt like I was there! I can’t wait to see your Salsa moves when you get home. I am so happy you are meeting new people and experiencing so many amazing things! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Nice report Em! You are seeing a lot of great things and meeting new friends. What an experience for you. Can hardly wait for you to come home and tell us all about it!!

  3. Hi Emily! I was so excited to check the page and find your report for the day! I’m so happy you are having a great time!! Going to China has been the most exciting trip I have ever taken and I would give anything to go back!! I hope we will have a chance to visit when you get back so you can tell me everything in person!! Can’t wait to see more photos!!

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