2016-3-24 Sam Thibault


Sam Thibault jumping for joy at the Great Wall

Today we woke up at 6:30 and we went downstairs to the lobby for breakfast. The food, not surprisingly, was very different than American. I liked the rice, dumplings, and noodles but it was also among duck eggs and sour milk. I am getting better at using chopsticks which is probably a good thing as we will be using them for the next 29 days. Anyway, after breakfast we got our bags and headed to the bus and left for the Great Wall.

After a two hour bus ride we finally made it. It was fascinating to me that after that long a time we were still in Beijing. Of course there was some traffic but not too much. The bus ride wasn’t too bad and the group has definitely bonded quite a bit. Compared to the fourteen hour flight the two hour drive flew by and soon we were looking at large mountains with the Great Wall in sight.

Once we took the gondola up the mountain we got a great view of the wall. We walked a small amount then found a meeting place, took a group photo and we split up so everyone could go however far they wanted to (Not past Mr. Goodemote). Once I was walking a bit I stopped to take pictures of the mountain side and the Great Wall continuing up. I really started to think about how long the Great Wall has been there. I’ve never been near or on anything that old and it is really fascinating to me. It was also interesting to hear different languages being spoken such as Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, and probably many more. It made me think of how widely known the Great Wall is, and in my opinion it is the most iconic place in China. There have been so many different nationalities standing where I stood today. Today was breathtaking and the view was amazing! I took a lot of pictures but I tried not to look through a camera the whole time so I spent most of the time just taking it in. Soon the hour was quickly over and Mariah, Skyler, Mrs R, and I walked back to the meeting spot.

Once on the ground again we walked through the vendors and I had to learn to ignore some very aggressive sales people. It was hard to not be friendly but I had to or I would waste a lot of money. It was an experience though. I didn’t buy anything but some people in the group bargained with the vendors and got some cool gifts to bring back. Brianna was a pro at bargaining.

After that we got a very good lunch and Jennie was laughing so hard about the pork belly she was crying and the entire table was laughing. It was a good time. We had a long bus ride back to the hotel, where we took an hour break then headed to dinner. Dinner was good but many people at my table were falling asleep (Nathan, Kenny, and I). I may have also dropped sweet and sour chicken in my drink but I know that Adam dropped most of his on the table. After I had almost fallen asleep in my food we went back to the hotel and called it a day.

14 thoughts on “2016-3-24 Sam Thibault

  1. Wow. The pictures Kevin posted are wonderful. We really get an idea of what you all are up to in your adventures. So many memories. Keep these great posts coming, they are the highlight of my day!

  2. Great essay Sam – so grateful for the pictures and reading how the day went for all of you. Catch some sleep when you can.

  3. Thank you for a great update and all the pictures. It is wonderful to see what you are doing in China and viewing the group and the great wall. Blessings and love, Grampa and Gramma T.

  4. Thanks, Sam, for sharing your day! I know you are all still exhausted….sorry you guys fell asleep at the dinner table….you will adjust! Can’t wait until tomorrow’s news!

  5. Very smart of you to realize you need to look and absorb what is there without your camera in front of your face all the time. So often I see people walk up to something or place that is awe inspiring, take a snap and turn around and walk away without even really looking at it. And your pic kicking up your heels on the Great Wall is wonderful. Enjoy! From your Great aunt Laurel

  6. It sounds like you are having a blast! I love the picture and the wonderful essay you shared about your experience. You are a lucky guy, enjoy your trip!
    Love, CC

  7. I am enjoying reading about all the experiences you are having, also the pictures tell a story by themselves. Enjoy the trip, you can rest up when you return home! Are you enjoying the food? How about your host family? Anxious to hear all about this great experience.

  8. Your report of Journey East 2016 is wonderful! It is fun to see your pictures and the other travelers. Enjoy as much as you can because everything will be very memorable. Loved to see you jumping at the Great Wall! Keep having fun, Sam! From Aunt Margie, your Grandma Stanley’s sister

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