2018-3-27 – Kaili – Rita Messing

Rita Messing at New Star SchoolToday was my favorite day spent in Kaili. We participated in games, traditional painting and paper making. The day started with me walking with my exchange sister to school like we had done the previous day. On the way we met up with Luke and his host sister, and went out for breakfast. We got fried eggs wrapped in what seemed like a thin rice noodle, this was covered in a dark brown sauce that tasted similar to maple syrup (only not as sweet). After breakfast we made our way to the new star school, where we met up with the rest of the group.

Shortly after everyone got to the school we went on to a bus that took us to a tourist area in the Miao village of Wan Da Xiao Zhen. There we first learned a traditional way to make paper. Your first dip what looks like a square strainer in a tub of water and wood pulp. The water was strained out leaving behind the pulp to dry. We were given flowers and other plants to decorate the paper with, when we were done, we used a spoon to pour more wood pulp to seal the paper. I really enjoyed this because everyone was so relaxed while doing it. All around us was beautiful art and flowers. We laid our paper out in the sun to dry while we went next door to do Batik. I was super bad at it, but it a super cool process. They first gave us a white cloth that we then colored a pattern on. Then using hot wax, we go over our sketch. I am not completely sure what happens after that because that’s when the people took the cloth to finish the process. In the end, the parts that the wax went on turns white and the rest is a blue color.

By this time in the day I was privileged enough to have gotten a very nice blister on the inside of my foot… YAYY. We walked up a hill (which just felt GREAT) to the Danzhai school where we got a brief tour of the campus. We went on to their field where we watched a Traditional Miao dance, we then played soccer and danced around with the other students. We were constantly being stopped to take pictures. They treat us almost like we are famous here (honestly love it). After we walked back down to the village and shopping places to eat dinner. After dinner we went down to the water where we threw rocks and dead fish heads at the water/ each other. We took a bus back to the New Star school. By this time it was almost 10:30 so we were all very tired. We all went back to our host families houses eager to go to bed.

3 thoughts on “2018-3-27 – Kaili – Rita Messing

  1. Thank you for the time and effort to share your adventures. It is terrific to read these stories that give detail to all of the great pictures! Love reading about all of it!

  2. I’m so happy to hear about your experiences, Rita! We miss you here at TVMHS but you are enjoying such a rich life – live it to the fullest!

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