2018-4-18 Kaili, China – Day 2

The troupe is settling in with their new families and this morning we had a sculpture class where they all made door ornaments. After that and lunch, we had a scavenger hunt to look for landmarks from photographs. Our students had to ask people on the street for directions to the different places. We then returned to give presentations and then the kids had to prep for and deliver their first performance. I will let the students write about the details…

It may be a few days before we get the essays up here. While they are with their host families, it is a little difficult to get their writing.


5 thoughts on “2018-4-18 Kaili, China – Day 2

  1. Love seeing all they are doing and their smiling faces! Looks like they are having a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What great ambassadors they are being! I imagine they are learning tons and, of course, giving lessons of their own to the Chinese people they are meeting. We need more of this kind of exchange! Sending lots of positive energy!

  3. Yay for the first performance!! And for all the great pictures. It is wonderful to see all of you interacting so much with another culture. Can’t wait to hear the stories!! Please tell your host family “thank you!” from us.

  4. Wow! Did this really all happen in one day?!!! Great to see all of your smiling faces and all of the new friends that you are meeting. Love to you all!

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