9 thoughts on “Beijing to Kaili

  1. Awesome to see the flag, created when the students visited Vt. in the summer, hanging at the NewStar school! Hope you enjoy your time with your host families.

  2. Jennie and I were just looking at the photo with the flag and all the handprints of the kids from Kaili and LG – Jennie’ s. Idea for a neat way to get our local kids and our Chinese friends working together on a fun activity.. Izzy and Avery’s prints must be on the flag

  3. I love seeing the collaborative hand print flag! Not only was it a nice way to bring the two groups together that summer, but it was also a great way to bridge the time between meetings. Wonderful idea, Jennie! Avery and Izzy, were you able to find your prints?
    Enjoy the time with your new families. Yours at home miss you!

  4. Wow, all that traveling! The pictures of the Great Wall are magnificent and I hope you are enjoying your time with your host families. Rita, I shared the blog with Gigi. She loves you and is so proud of you!!! xoxoxo

  5. Rita,

    Mom is sharing your adventures with me! What an opportunity! Love u have a great time looking forward to more on your adventures! Keep sending them!

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