2016-4-12 Jake Ires – Mongolian Kindergarten

Jake Ires enjoying the hot Mongolian sun

Jake Ires enjoying the hot Mongolian sun

Today was one of my more favorite days since we’ve been here. It’s our 5th day here in Hohhot and I love it. We started off early in the morning and made our way to the Mongolian Kindergarten. So far every Chinese child I have seen since we’ve been here has been unbearably adorable. So I could only imagine what an entire school full of little Mongolians would be like. I had honestly been waiting to go for years since I had heard about it from previous Journey East-ers. When we arrived to the kindergarten we were immediately greeted by an explosion of colors and cute little faces. The entire building was splattered with every single bright color you could imagine. We joined the kids in their morning exercises and it was so much more endearing when little kids were doing it compared to the middle-schoolers. We ran races with them and watched them compete on little inflatable dinosaurs.

Our next stop was exploring the kindergarten, and I felt like a giant and a god at the time. As I walked down the halls all the little kids looked up at us wide-eyed and everything in the school was miniaturized. Then we were ushered into a small classroom with little seats and saw little kids on a stage all set up to perform. They were wearing little Mongolian costumes like I had seen when the Mongolian students performed at our school.

They then proceeded to put on a show with drums, tambourines, and bells. It was so in sync and professional I couldn’t even imagine my kindergarten class having the patience or skills to pull that off. After that we performed a shortened version of our show to the little kids and they absolutely loved it. After the show, all the Mongolian kids came running onto the stage and we had a big dance party with a hundred or so little Mongolians kids.

It was painful to leave the kindergarten, but we had a long day ahead of us and we had to keep moving. Our next stop was a kindergarten building in the making. It was an absolutely massive kindergarten building with even more colors than the first one. It was eerie inside because the building wasn’t finished being constructed, but it certainly was impressive.

After exploring the kindergarten we headed for the next step of our day, a minorities university where we would be performing our second performance of the day. This performance was the full deal, along with the giant auditorium with a really nice stage; it was one of the bigger audiences that we’ve had and we were all a little nervous. Even though it was bigger it was one of the best shows that we’ve had since we’ve been here. Something happened and everything just clicked and flowed together. Besides a few wipeouts backstage on the slippery floor everything went perfect. After the awesome show we made our way back to the university where we feasted like kings after a victorious battle. Then proceeded back to the hotel where we fell fast asleep after the long day.

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