2016-4-8 – Kenny Cashman – Inner Mongolia

Journey East

Kenny Cashman trying on a Chinese Opera gown.

Today we flew to Inner Mongolia, I thought that Qufu was dry and barren but this place is on another whole level. To start the day off, we got up at 6:30 which was so nice because normally we had to wake up much earlier for flight days so this was great. The first flight we had got delayed for about an hour, but that was okay because I got to write in my journal a lot and I also got this really good vanilla ice cream that tasted so good. On the flight to Beijing I was supposed to sit with two random strangers but their friend wanted to sit with them so they could all be together which was fine with me because that meant that I got to sit with Becca. A lot of us were spread out on the plane and so a few of us had to sit with strangers, Maris was lucky and got to sit next to someone from Canada who seemed cool, we gave him the link to the website so I’m sorry I can’t remember your name if you’re reading this Canadian dude. To get back to the flight…. When we were landing we went through rough turbulence and the plane was dropping and shaking. The entire time Ms. R seemed like she was about to cry, it didn’t help that at every drop people would scream and go into the “brace position”.

When we finally landed, Ms. R started laughing like crazy and started to actually cry with joy. Because of our delay we didn’t get to eat at any nice sit-down restaurant. I had to go to a KFC and I was still a little late arriving at the gate. The second flight was much better; there was much less turbulence and there were no screaming kids waking us up. I sat next to Mr. Goodemote and he just slept for most of it so that was kind of boring for me, but when we started to descend into Inner Mongolia there were so many new and weird things everywhere I couldn’t help myself from waking Mr. G up to asking him questions, it seemed like every five seconds I would ask him what’s this or what’s that or how do you think that happened. Flying over I saw huge brownish mountains that seemed to erupt from the ground with no huge trees which made them seem much bigger than our mountains like Stratton and Mount Snow but I found out later that they are about the same size. I also saw these small little canyons that looked like giant cracks in the earth, both me and Mr. G couldn’t figure out what they were used for, possibly irrigation troughs or not… I still can’t tell you.

This touchdown was great, which was weird, because I was told that it would be extremely windy and turbulent here. When we got off the plane we met up with Dorno and she seemed like a really nice person just from her laugh. The air here is so dry that it’s making my throat feel really dry and my lips get super chapped. The landscape here is so much different than anywhere else that we’ve been so far. It’s really flat in Hohhot but if you look past the skyscrapers you can see mountains and plateaus all around, it sort of seems like a massive crater. The hotel that we’re staying at is super nice and the beds are like clouds compared to Qufu and the view from my room is great. I can look down this long street with huge buildings on either side that goes all the way outside of the city and then I can see the mountains.

When you come into the hotel there are gold colored sculptures of swans and stars that hang from the ceiling. After we put our stuff down we had to go straight back down to the lobby to go to dinner. At dinner we had a lot of sweet potatoes, which aren’t my favorite, but they cooked them with some sort of sugary batter that made them sticky and, in my opinion, very good. We also had some corn bread and mutton that tasted fantastic. After dinner Sam and I found that we have an HBO channel on our TV and watched the new Transformers movie. And that was my first experience of Inner Mongolia. All in all, it was a good day.

3 thoughts on “2016-4-8 – Kenny Cashman – Inner Mongolia

  1. Glad you are having such a good time. We’ll have to look up how to cook those sweet potatoes. Love and miss you. Mom

  2. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Your mom has been sharing your journey, but I am glad she shared the link to here. I love reading about it in first person!
    What a wonderful opportunity to travel and make international friends you have been afforded. I know you will never forget this amazing trip!

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