2016-4-6 – Sam Thibault – English and Folk Song Class and Mrs Chapman

Journey East

Sam Thibault

Mornings can be hard, this morning we got bad news about our teacher back home. Many of us were close to Mrs. Chapman, and I know I am speaking for everyone when I say she will be deeply missed.

After hearing that news, we went to a middle school where we participated in an English class and a PE class. In English we helped the Chinese students learn about the Great North, Canada. It was strange to see student newly learning about something we’ve know about all of our lives. But that’s probably how the Chinese feel whenever they try to teach us Chinese culture and language.  After a very easy trivia competition the winners got an Eiffel tower key chain, from Paris while we Americans were in China with Chinese studying Canada. I thought that was a little strange but kind of funny. Then we had a “PE class” I’m saying this in quotes because it was just the guys and the girls running a couple of laps, doing a couple exercises adding up to like 15 minutes, then just the guys playing the Americans in soccer. We had both guys and girls on our team. Some of the Chinese were very good, one especially, shot from a little past half field and got it in right in the corner of the net, so whenever he got the ball we triple or more teamed him. It was tough some of them where very skilled, but we had our translator and guide Andy as our sweeper. At the end we won 4-3. I think some of my favorite moments on the trip have been playing games with the Chinese. In soccer without talking we built a respect for the other team and everyone on it. For example, after the game we introduced ourselves to one another and shook hands. Then we were off to lunch.

Lunch was just dumplings, but then we had a little free time to play cards, play basketball, take a nap or do whatever you could in about an hour. Then we had a lecture about Chinese folk singing, which to be honest started a little slow, but became more interesting as it went on. People who know me know I don’t enjoying singing very much, but singing a very popular Chinese folk song called Jasmine Flower wasn’t bad at all. The second hour flew by then we had more free time where some went to the supermarket to stock up on snacks before we leave Qufu tomorrow. Lots of people, including myself, bought quite a few Oreos as they are in most stores and reminds us all of America.

After a small shopping spree, everyone met back at the hotel to dress up for our final banquet in Qufu. The banquet was nice we had nice conversation and we sat and ate good food. After dinner we all met in a meeting room where some people shared their favorite Mrs. Chapman memories. It was a nice way to end the day. Despite a rough start, it wasn’t too bad of a day

4 thoughts on “2016-4-6 – Sam Thibault – English and Folk Song Class and Mrs Chapman

  1. Thanks Sam. I love your honesty and open minded attitude. I hope the stores are stocking up on the Oreos supplies in the places you have left to visit! Love you!!

  2. Thanks again, Sam. Enjoy the oreos and thanks your thoughtfulness and for representing all of us so well. Moss

  3. Thank you Sam, for your words. I’m happy to hear that even so far away, you all took the chance to reflect on Mrs. Chapman. You guys all rock!!! Know that she would be very proud of you all.

  4. Sam – Oreo’s! Glad you found them. Have you seen any Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? Lizzie says there should be some somewhere over there- Your time in China is nearly over and I bet you will be glad to come home, but remember to soak it all in as you said in your first post so that you will have all those memories to think back on. Can’t wait to see you and hear all about it!

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