Faculty and Staff Contact Information 

Main Number: (802)221-2100        Direct Dial: (802)221-2(extension#)


First Name Last Name
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Department Ext.
Kayla Anthony HS Sci/AP Calc 165
Chris Barton HS Alg/Geometry/Pre-Calc 164
Carly Beckstrom MS Sci 114
Carrie Bentley IT 139
Rene Bernard Band 135
Mike Bingham Facilities Mgr; Maintenance 134
Elizabeth Brown HS Alg 1/Applied Math 163
Kevin Burke Technology/Video/Animation 169
Gideon Cavallo HS PE 141
Sam Chapin English12/ AP Lit & Comp 158
Heather Chapman SpEd; HS Skills; MS ELA Co-teacher 117
Tammy Claussen Athletic Director / PE 128
Susan Cole HS Math 166
Jorda Daigneault Nurse 129
Mary Davis HS Earth Sci/Astronomy/Physics 167
Terry Davison-Berger Co-op/Dual Enrollment/Senior Survival 121
Dan Dewalt Woodworking 150
Aaron Dringus Spanish 105
Emily Evans Special Ed Case Manager 152
Abbey Fusco MS Social Studies 101
Bill Gallagher HOME Program 150
Peter Golrick IT 110
Sarah Grasso High School Counselor 127
Barbara Guerrero Librarian 130
Samantha Harlow Recovery Case Manager 138
Sue Haskins Admin Asst to Principal 142
Jaida Henry Middle School Health/PE 103
Jenna Jordan Building Admin Asst 100
Ryan Kelly MS ELA 113
Mikell Lasch Paraeducator 117
Caitlin Larson 6th Grade ELA/Social Studies 107
Mary Lindsley Building Admin Asst/ISS 140
Johanna Liskowsky-Doak Associate Principal 124
Alexa Litchfield MS Math 102
John Lonardo Maintenance 134
Kathy Martin Paraeducator, HS 162
Mary Martin Registrar 174
Ashley Matson High School English 159
Marina Mavroleon-Folsom Paraeducator, MS 115
Seth McCoard Paraeducator; HOME 150
David McIntyre Maintenance 134
Joyce Meehl Paraeducator, ELC 115
Jayne Mehner Paraeducator, MS 109
Karren Meyer Driver Ed 145
Caleb Morris IT 176
Cynthia Motter Middle School Counselor 125
Benn Nicholson Paraeducator; HOME 150
Stephanie Nyzio Ceramics/FOA/Painting 149
Rory O'Donnell HS American & World History/SS 157
Patty Pelton Experiential Learning 115
Taggart Phillips High School Wellness Lifestyles 138
Jessica Riemenschneider PBGR; Military History 185
Kim Robinson High School Resource 162
Suzanne Rogers Maintenance 134
Tom Russell Paraeducator; HOME 150
Carley Sanderson Middle School Resource / ELA8 109
Julia Taylor HS ELA; Intro to HS 117
Bob Thibault Principal 133
Joseph Towle Civics/AP US Hist/Amer-World History 156
Luis Vargas SAP 143
Elyse Wadsworth Chorus 119
Beth Wells 6th grade Math/Sci 111
Bruce Whitman Chem/Earth Sci/Atmospheric Science 168
Xiaoqing Zhou Chinese 106
  WRVT   365-4700
  West River Trans   365-9240
  WCSU   365-9510
  WCSU Fax   365-7934
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