WCSU COVID-19 Information

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Dear L&G Families:

Well, it’s Friday of the first week of school, and we are so excited to have spent the last few days with your kids!  We met as a community yesterday morning and celebrated our new staff, our return to school, and all the skills that kids have developed while we were remote and while we had our hybrid schedule.  The media is quick to talk about the learning loss, but our emphasis is that yes, you’ve probably missed out on some academic content, but you have also gained so many other “transferable skills” and we want everyone to recognize it.  We also want to recognize that for some students, returning to a highly structured place like school is a pretty significant change, and for some, adapting will take some time.  Our staff is aware of this, and we are all ready to work through any challenges that come our way!


Here’s a few reminders from last week’s memo:

Hours & Dropoff:

  • School hours are 7:45am - 2:40pm; Morning drop-off shouldn’t be much earlier than 7:15am.

  • Our driveway travel direction which was temporarily changed during last school year, is now back to normal.  This means that traffic from Rt. 35 may now go down the hill/driveway from A-level towards D-level.  This road is still one-way, with all traffic exiting via the student parking lot onto Peaked Mountain Road. 

  • Families may drop off students anywhere - on Rt. 35 in front of the school, by the C-level lobby, or (after 7:45am) in the front circle.  Please do not use the circle between 7:15-7:45am and between 2:30-2:45pm, due to bus traffic.

COVID Updates:

  • Families - by sending their child to school - are attesting that they are free of COVID symptoms, are not (knowingly) COVID positive, and have not been in contact with a COVID positive person in the past 14 days - if unvaccinated.

  • Students will be required to wear masks indoors for the time being.  We will see what happens in the future with vaccination rates and access to vaccinations with our under age 12 students.

  • There won’t be any temperature screening or distancing at school, although lunchtime will be modified as students won’t wear masks during eating.

Parents and students will get access to the new grading program (JumpRope) by the end of September.  In the meantime, if you have questions about your child’s progress, please email their teacher(s) directly, and don’t forget to use the new email addresses, which end in windhamcentral.org!

Have a great long weekend, and we’ll see everyone again next Tuesday!

Bob Thibault