2018-4-17 – Avery White – Hohhot

Today was our last day here in Hohhot and I’m going to miss this place like crazy. My friends and I, including my new friends I made here, have created so many amazing memories. Everything about this city makes me happy, the people, the calmness of it, and the bright atmosphere. This last day, though, was very nice. It started with yet another very healthy breakfast that consisted of noodles, two pieces of cake and fried dough. It was our last breakfast there, so I didn’t care and made the most of it.

We then went to a traditional Mongolian market. It was the best place to find small but beautiful gifts. There were many necklaces, bracelets, and rings that were full of color and interesting designs. Also, there were polished rocks, bags, and gorgeous paintings. I got to watch these people create a painting and I was overly impressed with the amount of talent it took to create one. I bought a few items there, and I am so excited to bring them home. One of these things, Maddie and I tried to bargain down. This was our first bargaining experience, so we had no clue what we were doing. It did not go that way we planned. We got ripped off. Our bargaining skills, though, did get better.


The second part of our day started off with lunch at a mall. It was a buffet that included many foods that we eat in America like French fries, pizza, pasta, and ice-cream. It was one of the best meals I have had on this trip. For desert, I had this very tasty mango and chocolate ice-cream with chocolate cake. You do not know how full I was after consuming that. Lunch ended, and we ventured off to yet another shopping spot. We went to this place that was set up like a mall. It had three or four floors of little things, clothes and candy. I made a great purchased there. I finally found my favorite Chinese candy, White Rabbits. It made me so happy when I saw them and will try my hardest not to eat all of them before arriving back in America. The rest of the day was very laid-back. We had four hours to rest, watch movies, do laundry, or pack.

Lastly, we had a farewell banquet in the hotel. It was very nice and was sad to say goodbye to our new friends. The connection that we all created with everyone at the performing art collage is so strong and something I will always hold onto. They were all so humble, welcoming and most of all great hosts. Tomorrow, we have to wake up early to catch a flight back to Beijing where we finish out our wonderful journey. I am very sad to leave this place but hopefully in the future, I will have the chance to come back.

2 thoughts on “2018-4-17 – Avery White – Hohhot

  1. Glad you all are having a terrific time!! What a great experience for you all. It has been wonderful to be on this site to see all that you are doing. Looking forward to seeing your show when back in the States. Safe journey home!!!

  2. We loved hearing about your final day in Hohhot. It appears you have made some real connections with both your hosts and the city itself. Add it to your bucket list, Avery: the goal of returning to this place that has given you so much.
    Wishing you all a wonderful end to you journey. Safe travels!!

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