2018-3-31 – Isabela Schmidt – Chongqing

Today we went to the Three Gorges dam museum we got an hour to explore. We saw writing and painted scrolls. There was also pottery and sculpture. We also learned about the dam and saw some stones that had been carved into so that they could write things down. It was really cool. I missed a couple of floors because there was not enough time to see them and I really wish there had been.

After that we went on a city walk. This “city” was more of a village because there were houses and streets that were built into the side of a mountain. There were so many crevasses to explore. At the top it was like a jungle and over grown with trees. It made it calming and peaceful to be there. Parts of it were vacated because they were slated to be torn down. It seems like a waste. We were lucky to have walked through it. There was this one house that really stood out to me. There were a bunch of signs plastered on the doors and walls saying that the homes were to be torn down. I then noticed there was a lock on a door so nobody could go into the house. On this lock there was a small, little pink flower. It stood out to me because it was peaceful in the middle of all the chaos on the door. It made me wonder what is really going on and who left the lock.

We also went to the General Stillwell museum. He helped save millions of Chinese people’s lives during World War II through his efforts in fighting the Japanese. He was an interesting guy because he knew a lot about China prior to his service there and he was in the running for commanding the European Theater of war, but because he knew so much about China he was assigned to go there instead and lost out on his political ambitions. People seemed to underestimate him. He was supposed to be a figurehead and supply China with money and airplanes, but instead he educated the Chinese troops and saved millions of lives by going against the orders from Washington. 

Then we walked through a maze of markets to get to the second longest escalator in Asia. We rode down the escalator and were not told until after that it had mechanical issues because it was so old. Everything went fine. It was just funny because the Journey East crew was so nervous to go down because escalators are hard to get on and off.

We also went on a night river cruise and saw more of the city. It was all lit up and there were buildings that were turned into humongous movie screens. I took a ton of pictures of the city and then accidentally erased them all because I was figuring out my camera. The day was a lot of fun.



5 thoughts on “2018-3-31 – Isabela Schmidt – Chongqing

  1. Izzy, I absolutely enjoyed your description of the door with the pink flower! Not only was it a touching description but it also invited me, as it did you, to wonder what secrets the lock and the flower held for the person who put them there. Continue to enjoy your adventure; we are so excited for all that you are experiencing!

  2. Great to hear the curiosity and questioning in your essay. Thanks for painting a vivid picture of the day!

  3. Love that you are taking in all of that detail and sharing with us! I love your description of the top of the village, that was calming. I am so happy that you are all having such an amazing trip. Love you Izzy!

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