Leland and Gray Theatre Class

Drama Class

The Leland and Gray Theatre class wrapped up its final projects this past week, while reflecting on how much they learned and bonded through out the experience. This semester our class focused on acting, dramaturgy, set and costume design, directing, ensemble building, Theatre of the Oppressed and playwriting. Furthermore, we learned how to trust ourselves and others, how to respect and find empathy by standing in other's shoes, and to find empowerment through our own voices. 

"I love how we bonded together, and how plays bring out something deep within us."

"I learned how to be in touch with my acting."

"What I liked most about the class was the team building activities and group work."

"I liked how I could be myself in this class."

"I loved being able to take theatre as an actual class. I learned much more about memorizing lines and about acting. I made lots of new friends and got to explore acting constantly"

"I loved all the hands on activities we did in class. I also learned actual playwriting. I'm going to miss this class."

"I learned that there are a lot of items that contribute to a play and that conflict is very important. I liked how close the people in this class got."

"I liked the creative freedom that was given to us."

"I learned how to express myself and how to write a play."

"I learned how to act better."

"I learned how to write plays from reading other plays. It was a really fun experience."

"I learned that you can use theatre in every day life, not just on stage."

"I learned that theatre is important and used every day. I liked this class, it was so fun."