Faculty and Staff Contact Information 

Main Number: (802)221-2100        Direct Dial: (802)221-2(extension#)

Not all faculty/staff have active websites


Website First Name Last Name Email Department Extension
Web Assadulah Akhlaqi aakhlaqi@lelandandgray.org IT Assistant 138
Web Chris Barton cbarton@lelandandgray.org Mathematics 157
Web Megan Berry mberry@lelandandgray.org Special Education  
Web Stephanie Betit-Hancock sbetit-hancock@lelandandgray.org Special Education 115
Web Sarah Birgé sbirgé@lelandandgray.org English 106
Web Patty Brissette pbrissette@lelandandgray.org Front Office 100 or 120
Web Elizabeth Brown ebrown@lelandandgray.org Mathematics 102
Web Sharon Budzik sbudzik@lelandandgray.org Maintenance 170
Web Kevin Burke kburke@lelandandgray.org Design and Technology 169
Web Tong Chen tchen@lelandandgray.org International Languages 101
Web Tammy Claussen tclaussen@lelandandgray.org Physical Education 141
Web Phoebe Connolly pconnolly@lelandandgray.org 504 Coordinator & Campus Supervisor 179
Web Tom Connor tconnor@lelandandgray.org Journey East  
Web Cheryl Cullen ccullen@lelandandgray.org Special Education (IN Program) 115
Web Mary Davis mdavis@lelandandgray.org Science 114
Web Terry Davison-Berger tdavison-berger@lelandandgray.org Administrative Assistant 174
Web Amanda DeBisschop adebisschop@lelandandgray.org English 166
Web Dan DeWalt ddewalt@lelandandgray.org Art/Fine Woodworking 150
Web Abigail Dillon adillon@windhamcentral.org Special Education 152
Web RuthAnn Dunn rdunn@lelandandgray.org Science 165
Web Sue Fortier sfortier@lelandandgray.org Para Educator  
Web William Gallagher wgallagher@lelandandgray.org Special Education (HOME) 150
Web Peter Golrick pgolrick@lelandandgray.org IT Powerschool Admin 176
Web Sarah Grasso sgrasso@lelandandgray.org Counseling 125
Web Susan Gunther-Mohr sgunther-mohr@lelandandgray.org Counseling 175
Web Parker Hannah hannahp@lelandandgray.org SAP 143
Web Patricia Hinds phinds@lelandandgray.org Physical Education/Health 112
Web Susan Jones sjones@lelandandgray.org Family and Consumer Science 128
Web Jeryl Julian-Cisse jjulian-cisse@lelandandgray.org International Languages 104
Web Eleanor Kearney ekearney@lelandandgray.org Special Education 131
Web Ronald Kelley rkelley@lelandandgray.org Music 135
Web Ann Landenberger alandenberger@lelandandgray.org English 159
Web Mikell Lasch mlasch@lelandandgray.org Para Educator  
Web       Registrar 122
Web Johanna Liskowsky-Doak jliskowsky-doak@lelandandgray.org Science 113
Web Debora Mack dmack@lelandandgray.org Para Educator  
Web Barbara Marchant bmarchant@lelandandgray.org Library 130
Web Mary Martin mmartin@lelandandgray.org Registrar 124
Web Edward McGrath emcgrath@lelandandgray.org Maintenance 134
Web Joyce Meehl jmeehl@lelandandgray.org Special Education 115
Web Karren Meyer kmeyer@lelandandgray.org Driver Education 109
Web Michele Monks-Manton mmonks-manton@lelandandgray.org Special Education 162
Web Mack Neal mneal@lelandandgray.org English 156
Web Benn Nicholson bnicholson@lelandandgray.org Special Education HOME 150
Web Stephanie Nyzio snyzio@lelandandgray.org Art 149
Web Nika Oakes noakes@lelandandgray.org Cooperative Education 154
Web Emily Oberholtzer eoberholtzer@lelandandgray.org Academy  
Web Jane Olmstead jolmstead@lelandandgray.org Social Studies 163
Web Paul Paytas ppaytas@lelandandgray.org Science 167
Web Patty Pelton ppelton@lelandandgray.org Special Education 145
Web Florencio Ricohermoso fricohermoso@lelandandgray.org Mathematics 111
Web Jessica Riemenschneider jriemenschneider@lelandandgray.org Social Studies 158
Web Bruce Rosow brosow@lelandandgray.org Special Education 117
Web Jason Sperling jsperling@lelandandgray.org Social Studies 105
Web Dale Stevens dstevens@lelandandgray.org Information Technology Coordinator 139
Web Marty Testo mtesto@lelandandgray.org Athletics and Activities Director 151
Web Bob Thibault bthibault@lelandandgray.org Principal 133
Web Joseph Towle jtowle@lelandandgray.org History 103
Web Paul Weber pweber@lelandandgray.org Mathematics 164
Web Bruce Whitman bwhitman@lelandandgray.org Science 168
Web Betty Young byoung@windhamcentral.org Mathematics 182
Web Melanie Zwolinski mzwolinski@lelandandgray.org Director of Student Services 127
Web     IT@lelandandgray.org Information Technology 176
  Maker Space 1     IT - STEM 110
  Courtesy Phone     - 153
  Faculty Lounge     - 123
  Faculty Workroom     - 140
Web Abbey Group   jaca@abbeygroup.net Food Services 137
  Gould Annex UP       172
  Gould Annex DN       173