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Teaching the Performance Assessment Task

Oct. 10-11

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The Common Core’s most complex assessment is the “Performance Task,” requiring students to integrate multiple disciplines and perspectives. A departure from traditional assessments that narrowly address single subjects and skills, the performance task requires students to apply several concepts, analyze data, synthesize findings, and pose original solutions. Approaching the highest levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, unpacking this expectation in the classroom is essential for the success of students and schools. In the workshop, participants will learn to:

1. Deconstruct and analyze performance tasks
2. Learn pertinent instructional strategies that address underlying, necessary content and skills
3. Review and revise their course expectations based on the Common Core
4. Create pre-assessment and post-assessment performance tasks based on their own school goals or course curricula



Sarah Birgé has worked in public and private school systems around the world. Her special interest in rural education led to her work as the Literacy Coach at Leland and Gray. Sarah has a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago as well as a MA in Sustainable Development from the SIT Graduate Institute. She is originally from Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Professional Development in the Common Core at Leland and Gray - Fall 2014

Schools are under more pressure than ever to raise expectations and teach students at high levels, so that all graduate college- and career-ready. Middle and high school educators need new ways to not only teach challenging content, but also to address students’ learning gaps that block progress. Leland and Gray is proud to offer two workshops designed to address pressing areas of the Common Core State Standards, Teaching the Performance Assessment Task and Teaching Grammar in All Subject Areas. Click here for workshop and registration information.


Improving Secondary Mathematics Instruction to Reach All Students
3-credit Course with Professor Mahesh Sharma

6 Days in Fall 2012 at 8:00am-3:30pm in Townshend, Vermont

Mon & Tues, Aug. 27-28
Fri & Sat, Sept. 28-29
Mon & Tues, Nov. 19-20

A Course for Gr. 6-12 Teachers of Mathematics, Technology & Special Education

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Numeracy is the new literacy. In today’s global and technologically oriented world, our children have to be literate as well highly numerate. In this course, Professor Sharma will share information and strategies that help teachers provide access for more children to more mathematics in more meaningful ways.