Proposed FY 19 Budget

To see the porposed budget details, please click here to download the PDF.

The Budget Narrative

Budget Narrative Overview                                                                               Draft 1: 10/24/17

The FY19 budget has an overall reduction of $145,831, but with carrying over a $50,000 deficit [from FY17, which we started with a $100,000 deficit], the net reduction in the bottom line is just over $93,000.  The most significant change is the reorganization of the admin team and the counseling department, as a result of the retirement in June 2018 of Mel Zwolinski.


Reductions:                                                                          Additions:

1.o instructional coach

1.0 dean of academics

.75 director of student services

.75 school counselor

.6 school social worker

.33 IT support

.25 driver education

1.0 counseling secretary (not rehired in 3/17)

.5 Academy Para (Study Hall monitor)

Budget Narrative Detail

General Direct Instruction:

Staffing: 2 Deans (Dean of Students - existing, Dean of Academics (official title tbd) - new)

      Reduction of .5 Academy aide

      [53] Technical/Software increase due to reorganization of related expenses into 1 budget line, plus add’l assessment tools needed starting in FY18 (AimsWeb & STAR360)


Staffing: 1.0 FTE (no change)

Career Education:

Staffing: Moved to Counseling department area


Staffing: 4.0 FTE (no change)

Foreign Language:

Staffing: 2.0 FTE (no change)

PE & Health:

Staffing: 2.33 FTE (no change)

Consumer Science:

Staffing: .67 FTE (no change)

Woodworking & Tech Ed:

Staffing: .33 FTE (.67 moved to WCSU assessment)


Staffing: 4.0 FTE (no change)


Staffing: 1.0 FTE (in local budget) (no change)

      [152] Additional FTE comes through WCSU assessment

      [157] Increase in Equipment line to reflect new staff rehabbing the inventory


Staffing: 4.0 FTE (no change)

      [169] Increase in funding to clean out chemical closet

Social Studies:

Staffing: 4.0 FTE (no change)

      [181] Decrease in Journey East contribution due to new staffing of directorship

Driver Education:

Staffing: .5 FTE (decrease of .25 from FY18)

      [192] 10-year old car replaced with new car lease in FY18; 3-yr lease

Special Education:

Costs are all pass-through from WCSU


Staffing: 1.0 FTE (A.D.) plus all coaches’ salaries (no change)


Staffing: 4.0 FTE (incl. 2 counselors,  1 registrar, and 1 multiple pathway coordinator) (FY18 is 1.25 counselors, .6 school social worker and 1 registrar)

      [234] Increase in supplies to pay for 10th grade PSATs


Staffing: 1.0 FTE (no change)

Prof. Dev.:

Staffing: 1.0 FTE (incl. 1 instructional coach, FY18 has 2.0)

      [252] Summer curriculum work and leadership stipends

      [10] Estimated 25% reduction in Title funding necessitating this reduction

      [257] Increase by $20k basically undesignated Title funding for professional development

      [258] Increase in Teacher Directed funds per new collective bargaining agreement

Instruct. Technology:

Staffing: all costs flow-through from WCSU (FTE reduced from 1.83 to 1.5)

      [267] Increase in WCSU assessment due to moving .5 Tech/Design teacher to WCSU employment (subsequent reduction in [124]


Staffing: 1.0 FTE (no change)

School Board:

Staffing: Includes School Board,legal fees, dues and WCSU assessment

Principal’s Office:

Staffing: 3.0 FTE (1.0 principal, 1.0 building secretary & principal admin ass’t)

      [298] Reduction of .75 director of student support services (cross-references with addiction of Dean of Academics [29]

Business Office:

Staffing: None at L&G - flow through to WCSU (incl. in Support Svcs. above)

Operations & Maintenance:

Staffing: 5.0 FTE (no change)

      [337] Building Improvements - annual projects not included in Stewardship Plan

      [338] Building Insurance - increase to reflect rising costs

      [350] Increase in Building Equipment includes replacement of floor cleaning machine