Spain Trip 2019:

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During the February break, 14 L & G high school students and two teachers will travel to Spain as part of our ongoing cultural exchange with El Instituto Los Cahorros, a high school in Monachil, Spain. The students, Jacob Ameden, Olympia Burke, Sarah Andersen, Jillian Carona, Michael Carona , Erin Cutts, Lily Dutton, Abbie Hazelton, Bay Holmes, Alison Stockwell, Fox Pickering, Veronica Stevens, Michaela Stillwagon, and Siyanda Jacobs will travel with L&G teachers, Tammy Claussen and Jeryl Julian Cissé for 13 days. They will visit Barcelona, Madrid, Segovia, Granada and Códoba, as well as stay with families from the high school in Monachil. This is the fifth trip from L&G, led by Spanish teacher Ms. Cissé, where the students get to know the country through first-hand experiences touring historical sites, museums, hiking the hillsides, eating the local foods, and the highlight of the trip...attending school and interacting with the students. This is an alternating year trip, with the Spanish students visiting Vermont and staying with L&G families on the alternate year. Last year, we hosted 9 students and two teachers.


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Raffle Winners - Click on the Read More

Spain Trip Raffle Winners:

Jan. 1: Rebecca Castillo: Top of the Hill Grill, a Gift Certificate

Jan. 2: Walter Slownski :Souvenirs from Spain, Painting & Pottery

Jan. 3: Melissa and Ben Carr: Dutton’s Farm Stand Pies

Jan. 4: Peter and Linda Simoneaux: Hand-Forged Iron Spatula By Rich Gillis

Jan. 5: Mardi Crave: 1 Hour Massage By Holly King

Jan. 6: Diane Bower: Handcrafted earrings

Jan. 7: Mary Ellen Krejmas: 1.5 lbs Homemade Chocolate Fudge

Jan. 8: April Wellmen:1 Qrt Derrybrook Maple Syrup

Jan. 9: Jorda Daigneault:Grafton Cheese Gift Certificate

Jan. 10: Carol Young:  Archer Mayor autographed book “Bury the Lead”

Jan. 11: Ron Kelley: Homemade Colossal Cookies

Jan. 12: Andrew Blackman: Rick’s Tavern Gift Certificate

Jan. 13: Diane Bower: Z Pots Pottery

Jan. 14: Mardi Crave Marina Restaurant Gift Certificate

Jan. 15: Ellen and Dave O’Connell: Hand-painted Scarf by Patricia Burleson

Jan. 16: Betty Wellman: Pura Vida soaps & body mist

Jan. 17: Lou Clark won handcrafted earrings

Jan. 18: Norma Tomey: West Townshend Friday Night Pizza

Jan. 19: Nastia Stevens:1 Qrt. Ameden Family Maple Syrup

Jan. 20: Jacki Krug: Green Mt. Orchard Bushel of Apples

Jan.21: Tim Shafer: Big Picture Farm Goat Milk Caramels

Jan. 22: Darcy Cutler: 1hr massage Tracy Berchi

Jan. 23: Sarah Stillwagon: Cottage House hoodie

Jan. 24: Lauri Garland: Maple Leaf Photography photo session

Jan. 25: Jeanushka Hodgkinson Qrt. Ameden Family Maple Syrup

Jan. 26: Wendy Dutton:  Souvenir from Spain

Jan. 27: Nastia Stevens:West Townshend Friday Night Pizza

Jan. 28: Sara Bernard: 1hr massage Margie Miller

Jan. 29: Jenn Frost: Qrt Derrybrook Maple Syrup

Jan. 30: Tammy Greenwood: Souvenirs from Spain

Jan. 31: Dave Baxter: 1hr massage Alison Trowbridge


Gracias, Jeryl Julian Cissé