Faculty and Staff Contact Information 

Main Number: (802)221-2100        Direct Dial: (802)221-2(extension#)


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Department Ext.
Kayla Anthony Faculty 165
Chris Barton Faculty 156
Rene Bernard Faculty 135
Pamela Bernardo Dean of Academics 143
Elizabeth Brown Faculty 102
Kevin Burke Faculty 169
Bethany Chase Faculty 166
Martha Chase Ed. Ass't
Tong Chen Faculty 106
Matt Clark Faculty 101
Tammy Claussen Faculty 141
Phoebe Connolly Counselor 125
Mary Davis Faculty 167
Terry Davison Berger Mult. Path. Coord. 121
Dan Dewalt Faculty 150
Rachel Doty Faculty 159
Emily Evans Special Educator 152
Bill Gallagher Faculty 131
Katie Gallagher Faculty 114
Peter Golrick IT Support Services 110
Sarah Grasso Counselor 127
Barbara Guererro Librarian 130
Susan Gunther-Mohr Social Worker 183
Sue Haskins Admin Ass't for Principal 174
Patricia Hinds Faculty 113
Susan Jones Faculty 128
Jeryl Julian-Cisse Faculty 157
Mary Lindsley Building Secretary 100
Johanna Liskowsky-Doak Dean of Students 142
Mary Martin Registrar 175
Ashley Matson Faculty 103
Seth McCoard Ed. Ass't 150
Ed McGrath Maintenance 134
Joyce Meehl Ed. Ass't 115
Karren Meyer Faculty 145
Benn Nicholson Ed. Ass't 149
Kary Noble Faculty 107
Rory O'Donnell  Faculty 163
James Pecsok Faculty 119
Patty Pelton Faculty 115
Caitlin Persa Ed. Ass't
Jessica Riemenschneider Faculty 158
Kim Robinson Special Educator 162
Bruce Rosow Faculty 117
Jessa Rowan Faculty 107
Tom Russell Ed. Ass't 150
Jason Russell Ed. Ass't
Caitlin Saunders Faculty 111
Lauren Shockley Nurse 126
Dale Stevens IT Coordinator 139
Marty Testo Activities Dir. 151
Bob Thibault Principal 133
Joseph Towle Faculty 105
Timothy Velsor Faculty 149
Bruce Whitman Faculty 168