Digital Citizenship



Digital Citizenship

Leland and Gray Student Chromebook Expectations



Where is my Chromebook?

  • HS Students may bring their Chromebooks home, but should take special care with this practice and return to school fully charged.
  • MS Students' Chromebooks should only be housed in the assigned charging station.
  • Students MAY leave their Chromebooks in a teacher’s classroom with their other materials during lunch or classes IF they have teacher’s permission.
  • Students MAY NOT bring their Chromebooks to the cafeteria or to the gym.
  • Students should NEVER leave their Chromebook unattended anywhere, including your backpack.
  • Any Chromebook found unattended in the hallway, gym, etc. will be picked up and returned to Technology Coordinator for the rest of the day and logged as a Chromebook violation.


Caring for your Chromebook

  • Chromebooks are assigned to each student with a school tag that is not to be removed.
  • Students must always use the protective covers on their Chromebooks.
  • Students will always place their Chromebooks in a place away from food or drink and safely in a location out of harm’s way.
  • Students will plug their Chromebook into the power charger at the end of each day.


Digital Boundaries

  • ALL students will practice responsible Digital Citizenship at all times.
  • ALL students will be held responsible for the regulations in L&G Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Students will not access or attempt to access online material that is in violation to the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Students will not share their logins, passwords, or even their Chromebooks with anyone. If they do so they will be held responsible for any damage or computer violations.
  • Students will only have Chromebooks open when instructed to do so by a teacher - including transition time, passing in the halls, etc.
  • Students will receive consequences for gaming, playing videos, streaming, chatting, etc. during class time without teacher permission.
  • Students are not to take pictures or videos of staff or students without staff permission. Any student use of cameras at Leland and Gray is a part of a class or club activity.


Network Management

  • Leland and Gray has adopted Google as an educational platform to manage academic learning. This includes Gmail, educational apps, Google Classroom, Google Docs, etc.
  • Students will save all their files in through Google applications.
  • Students will access the school network using only their district assigned Google/gmail account.
  • Privacy: Students and families need to know that files stored on school computers are not private. Network and Internet access is provided as a tool for educational purposes only. Leland and Gray administration has the right to monitor, inspect, copy, review, and store at any time, without prior notice, any and all usage of the computer network and Internet access including transmitted and received information. All information files are the property of Leland and Gray and no user shall have any expectations of privacy regarding such files.
  • Proxies: The use of anonymous proxies to get around content filtering is strictly prohibited and is a direct violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Students will not connect other personal accounts (social media, emails, etc) to their school-issued Chromebook account.


Violation of Chromebook Expectations

  • Not plugging Chromebook in for charging = DEAD Chromebook
  • Chromebook left unattended or off task use of technology
    • 1st offense = re-teaching expectations; Chromebook remains with the student
    • 2nd offense = loss of Chromebook for the class; teacher intervention that may include teacher detention
    • 3rd offense = loss of Chromebook for the day; parent notification about student’s mishandling of Chromebook; loss of home privileges
    • 4th offense = loss of home privileges for a week; student team meeting


Violation of Acceptable Use Policy = automatic office referral

  • Students will have access to a classroom laptop for academic learning objectives
  • Teachers will log incidents into Leland and Gray Behavior Referral Form


Chromebook Damage - Charged to the Family


Repair or Replacement  for Loss, Damage or Neglect

Total replacement is based on current pricing. 

See Chromebook pledge form for cost breakdown.