Summer Bills


JE 2014

Grade 12 – Leland and Gray

Summer BillsWhen people ask me "how was China," all I can say is that it was amazing. I cannot find the words to fully express just how it truly was.  

There is no way to explain the things that were running through my mind while getting into the car of a stranger who spoke no English knowing that I was going to be sleeping at their house. There is no way to express the joy that over took my body when I walked into the Mongolian kindergarten.

There are no words in the English language that could allow me to describe to anyone the feelings and emotions that were going on in my mind while seeing the faces of the homeless when receiving as much as a half a loaf of bread; or even a simple box of left –over food. The sadness in their eyes when they realized all they could give me in return was a simple handshake, was enough to rip you apart.

I never really realized just how fortunate I was until we were walking to the bus after touring the Summer Palace. Seeing the homeless men and women sitting half clothed in the middle of the sidewalk doing anything they could to make a penny. It broke my heart, it tore me to pieces to see a man with no hands still painting with both elbow-high amputated arms. He pushed himself to sit there and suffer through the stares, the disgusted looks, and the comments just to be able to survive another day.

So, if you ask me "How was China?" Please don't expect a heart felt answer, because I can’t even give myself one.