Claire Miramontes


JE 2012

Clair Miramontes“Imagine:  You’re going across the world to, yes, China, with 18 people, some of whom you have know most of your young life.  Yet, when you come home a month later, you are with, what seems, new people and a new “self,” yet everything, to the eye, looks the same.  Maybe these changes happened when we saw beggars half-starving or eating mulch and paper while they were surrounded by other people.  Maybe it happened when we sat in a vast sea of sand with a never-ending blue sky and only our thoughts; or just maybe when we took our five hour bus rides together watching the city life and construction workers making their way across a village and farmland.” Whatever, something happened.  We all became a family in China.  We would notice each other’s flaws and accept each other for it because we also noticed good qualities that we enjoyed about each other.  You kind of had to when you spent every second with at least one of those 17 of your peers.  I don’t have any memories of China on my own that I believe I will ever forget.  I share every moment with all of these people so maybe that’s why relationships change through Journey East.  I mean, I can’t really know if I went with 17 other people

How different everything would have been or if the same relationships would have developed.  Maybe when you’re with the only people you can communicate with for an entire month you just tough it out and then bond.”