Samantha Chase

JE 2014

Green Mountain Union High School


Sam Chase Great Wall“China has forever changed my life. It began with new friendships which developed into new perspectives on the world. I was given the opportunity to see the world through a new lens. Going into the Journey East Program I was unsure of what was to come and whether I would enjoy my time with all the new faces. Soon enough I became best friends with Caroline Tietz, she guided me through hard times and through the troubles of a new school.

As we began to get ready to leave we were all anxious and eager to begin our journey over seas. When we arrived to China we instantaneously realized the change in our environment and it was absolutely breathtaking. There was a new culture that we were beginning to take in as we traveled to many different regions and connected with many different people. Inner Mongolia was perhaps the best place we went to because the bond we created with all of the students at the Arts College of Inner Mongolia. I didn’t know what the impact of the trip would be but I knew it would be extraordinary and it was.

There are many things that I have learned about myself from this trip. It started with realizing the importance of relationships. We live in a time where much of the communication is online but by spending a month with fifteen other kids, you realize how beneficial the face-to-face relations are. I also found a new love for human rights and discovered that you have the chance to change things despite any hardships. Now, going into my sophomore year of high school I am focusing on what I am passionate about which I know will open so many doors for me in the years to come. I am forever grateful for Tom Connor and the Journey East Program for opening my eyes to all the possibilities and opportunities!”