Robin Joslin


JE 2012

Robin Joslin”I sat in front of a large microphone, with big headphones on so I could hear the already recorded Mongolian and drum parts by Fraser and Stephen. All the while, Saqirila, the college music instructor, sat in a seat across from me, bobbing his head to the music and pointing at me when it was my turn to play. It took me a minute to get the hang of it since I’ve never done it before but, after a little bit, it got better, especially when Saqirila gave me a reassuring nod or grin. Just as fast as it started, it was over, and we were listening to the final product. The Mongolian performers mobbed us for pictures, which is always fun, but what seemed like a 10 minute process actually totaled up to nearly two hours. By then it was time to go and our crazy fast driver whisked us through the nighttime city scene as we chattered about how much fun it was.

I’ll never forget it.”