Kim Soule

West Wardsboro

Parent and Chaperone, 2012

Kim Soule“As a parent of two JE alums and a chaperone of the 2012 trip, I am still awed by the power of this program and what it has given to so many students in Southern VT. I am honored to have witnessed the growth of the 2012 group in person. From the first performance of the show at home through it’s transformation and that of the students in China. The trip is a whirlwind of planes and busses, wake-up calls and ancient art, new foods, new schools and new ways to communicate. Away from the familiar it pushed us all to adapt, learn and grow.”  

 The following is from my 2008 Journey Easter Melissa Soule written a year after her return. “As much as I felt I knew about China before we departed nothing could have prepared me for the things that I would behold. There was more life in a glance than I had ever seen, careening and toppling in on itself in a frantic dance. We saw rolling cityscapes housing millions and hiked through villages painted into the landscape with daubed mud and dripping sweat.”