Joel Eisenkramer


JE 2004

University of California at Santa Cruz


Joel Eisenkramer“It would be my pleasure. I would say nearly all of my work and life have been related to Journey East since that highly influential first trip out of the country. I studied World Literature in college and participated in a 6-month education abroad program through the University of California in 2007. During that time I lived in Delhi and took classes in Indian literature at Delhi University. I wrote my final paper on the nationalist writer Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay's re-conception of Hindu spirituality for a colonial and post-colonial India.

I also began studying Indian Classical music with Dr. Ranjan Kumar, a doctorate of music and Indian slide guitar performer from Delhi University. I made many close friendships over the course of the trip, including a tight bond with my music teacher and his wife. I have since been back to Delhi twice (in November 2009 and this past February) to stay with Dr. Ranjan and his wife, Sangita for one month each time. During these visits I reconnected with my friends (mostly musicians) and continued my study of Indian Classical music. During this most recent trip, I volunteered at the K - 12 private school where my teacher works.

The school is the Delhi Public School at Sonepat (public schools in India are what we would call private schools here in the USA as opposed to government schools). Here I taught a group guitar class and helped to organize the western music ensemble's competition pieces.”