Carol Bailey

(Parent and chaperone)

South Wardsboro

JE 2007 and 2008

Hi Tom,

Carol BaileyYou ask the impossible.  In a few short paragraphs, I cannot begin to describe the impact the Journey East program has had on our family.  But here goes:

"Entering Junior High, we considered our two girls fairly worldly.  Through our work, and their membership in Girl Scouts, they had interactions with numerous international students. Not only had we taken the girls to a dozen different states, but they had also been to Europe (Romania, England) and the Caribbean (Jamaica). But their involvement with JE raised that bar dramatically. The program provided cultural immersion that is not possible when you merely vacation somewhere.

JE fostered the girls’ independence, creativity and self-sufficiency.  Thinking outside the box, working under pressure, often with time constraints, and finding creative solutions became daily necessities. The entire semester was an intensive lesson in meeting the program's high expectations. No other single program has had as positive an impact on the girls’ development, both academically and personally, as Journey East.

Today, the girls recognize opportunities and are willing to 'put themselves out there' in order to succeed. They meet new situations with confidence and exude a sense of competence and self-esteem not always found in young women. Not to mention Audrey’s near fluency in Chinese! Our family's involvement in Journey East, and the opportunities it presented, have enriched all of our lives immeasurably."