Carrie Attley


JE 2005

Goddard College

Carrie Atley“Thanks to Journey East Program, I was able to find a voice, a sense of belonging, and grow tremendously at a young age. The program itself fostered a sense of camaraderie and community in addition to a strong sense of curiosity. The experience was transformative and proved a tremendous opportunity to increase cultural awareness. Journey East facilitated creative expression, promoted group collaboration, and provided me with great motivation to understand this great big world of ours. It was a great chance to expand my comfort zone, increase confidence, and work on developing my cultural sensitivity and conscientiousness. Though my experience with Journey East was over ten years ago, it still holds a large space in my heart and remains a defining experience in my life. It certainly played a large part in helping me develop into the person I am today and I am truly grateful to those who were able to make it happen.”