Chauncey Jones Alumni Spotlight

1 Chauncey Jones individualChauncy Jones, LGUHS Class of 2010, is currently a high school English teacher in Pittsville, Wisconsin, which is the geographical center of the state. She teaches grades 8-12 in both general English classes, as well as electives such as AP Literature, Creative Writing, and Outdoor Literature.

After graduating, Chauncey attended Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, earning her Bachelor of Arts in English, as well as her Master of Arts in Teaching English.  Immediately after finishing school, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona to teach middle school English. She was there for three years and then moved to Wisconsin, where she holds her current job in Pittsville. Fun fact: Pittsville is near the “cranberry highway”, and since living there, she has developed a new love of cranberries and really enjoys watching the harvest every year.

Her most vivid memories about Leland and Gray all center on the arts and sports. While at LGUHS, she participated  in Journey East 2007, marching, pep, rock, and concert bands, work stage crew and pit band for multiple drama productions, and play softball all four years of high school. In all those areas she remembers being so supported and welcomed by staff and coaches that were passionate about what they were doing and wanted to share that with  students.

She had many good teachers throughout her time at Leland and Gray, but two definitely stand out:  Tammy Claussen,her softball coach and gym teacher, was an amazing mentor and kept her working hard towards her goals. It's because of Mrs. Claussen’s coaching and Chauncey’s positive experiences with her and that led Chauncey to coach multiple sports now.  She wants to give student athletes the same lasting memories Mrs. Claussen gave her. She has Mrs. Rood to thank  for her entire career.  She was her AP Lit teacher and put her on her path to becoming a teacher.  She loved Mrs. Rood’s class and the way she interacted with her students.  Chauncey wanted to be just like her and have an English classroom of her own. She is still one of her biggest role models as she continues her path in education.

A few lessons she learned at Leland and Gray are to take advantage of opportunities that you are given, and to surround yourself with people who are passionate and supportive. Bettering yourself though opportunities afforded you and finding your "people" are both ways to enrich your life in extremely fulfilling ways.

Her advice to today’s Rebels:  Work hard.  Know what you want and go for it, even if it is down a road "less traveled."  Make your life something with which you'll be happy!

Some more fun facts:  Chauncey is fluent in Spanish, she rides a motorcycle, she has three cats and she loves cooking and baking!

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