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Leland and Gray Union Middle and High School is located in the West River Valley at the corner of Routes 30 and 35 in the small rural town of Townshend, VT.

Townshend is situated in the southeastern corner of VT, approximately 20 miles northwest of Brattleboro. Townshend and the towns of Brookline, Jamaica, Newfane, and Windham comprise the union high school district.

The total student population of Windham Central Supervisory Union is 837. (2020)

Leland & Gray Union Middle & High School • 2042 VT Route 30 Townshend, Vermont 05353
Phone: (802) 365-7355  Fax: (802) 365-4126

Our Programs

Our comprehensive programs for grades 7-12 provide courses in all traditional subject areas as well as personalized options to fulfill the learning aspirations and needs of every student. Small class sizes and strong ties between faculty and students foster an environment of creativity, tolerance, and achievement.

Our History

Leland and Gray Union High School is one of the oldest educational institutions in the State of Vermont. Established in 1833 by the Baptist Association, the school was named Leland Classical and English School in honor of Aaron Leland, a minister who had endeared himself to the people of southern Vermont. The school building, erected in 1834, was a two-story, rectangular, brick structure surmounted by a wooden tower. At the time of the Civil War, the Seminary went through a period of great financial hardship. In response to the generosity of Deacon Samuel Gray, the name of the school was changed to Leland and Gray Seminary in 1860.

In 1970, 137 years after the seminary was established, the present secondary school was erected by the newly formed Leland and Gray Union High School District. Building on its unique history and community commitment, Leland and Gray continues to offer public education of high quality to the people of five union district towns and other communities.

Our goal:

Each and every Leland and Gray student graduates with a postsecondary plan to continue learning the following year, whether in college, technical training, and/or work experience.


School Profile


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Leland and Gray Union High School is a rural middle and senior high school serving 350 students, located in southeastern Vermont. The Program of Studies encompasses an aligned sequence of college-preparatory and Advanced Placement courses to all students, supported by academic support classes and extensive services. Small class sizes and strong ties between faculty and students foster achievement, creativity, and global citizenship. Extensive opportunities tied to academic programs enable Leland and Gray students to learn abroad and attract international students to our campus, most notably through the Chinese-American performing arts collaboration, Journey East.




As part of the Windham Central Supervisory Union, Leland and Gray serves students from the union towns of Newfane, Brookline, Jamaica, Townshend, and Windham. Approximately 20% of students attend Leland and Gray as part of school choice, either from other Vermont towns or from abroad with a J-1 or F-2 student visa.




·         College-preparatory courses in all subject areas


·         Advanced Placement courses: Biology Calculus, Chemistry, Chinese, English, Physics, United States History


·         Foreign Languages: Chinese, French, Spanish


·         Dual Enrollment (HS & Undergrad) credit for college-level courses: Chemistry, Chinese III & IV, Economics, French III & IV, Meteorology, Psychology, Spanish III & IV, Probability & Statistics and Algebra with Trigonometry


·         Early College (concurrent senior year first year of college)


·         Acceleration based on readiness to learn


·         Personalized learning options: Independent Study, Job Shadowing, Internships, Online Courses, College Courses, Windham Regional Career Center, Personalized Learning Plans




·         Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC)




26 Credits including:


  • 4.0 – English
  • 4.0 – Science
  • 3.0 – Mathematics
  • 3.0 – Social Studies
  • 2.0 – Physical Education
  • 1.0 – Fine Arts
  • 0.5 – Health
  • 8.5 - Electives




Collaborative Peer Review with Unleashing the Power of Partnerships for Learning.




Varsity and junior varsity basketball, soccer, baseball, snowboarding, softball





A  90-100

C  70-79

D  65-69

F  0-64


CLASS RANK: Un-weighted class rank based on all courses




Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium in reading, writing, mathematics
New England Common Assessment Program in science
Advanced Placement exams







Class of 2018



Class of 2017



Class of 2016






Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball, soccer, baseball, snowboarding, softball




All students participate in 8 half-day sessions of wellness activities from Nordic skiing and tennis to weight-training and collaborative gym games to build lifelong fitness habits and community.




A Cappella, Choir, Civic Leadership Education Action, Counselor for elementary and middle school children, Drama, DUO-community service, Environmental Action Force, Gay-Straight Alliance Help Empower Youth programs, Jazz Band, Journey East, Musical Theater, National Honor Society, Peer Tutoring, Pep Band, Restorative Justice, Samba Band, Student Council