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matt bizonMatt Bizon, class of 2011, is a corporate tax recruiter currently living in Charleston, South Carolina. He is also a fantasy football commissioner of a "wildly successful and sought-after fantasy league". Following graduation, he served in the United States Air Force as a security forces member. Since leaving LGUHS, he has lived in Maine, New Jersey, Texas, West Virginia, Illinois and Turkey. He has 12 siblings, two of whom are currently at LGUHS.

Matt's most vivid memories of his time at LGUHS include his friendships (some of whom he still considers family), the sense of a tight knit community and playing in all three sports. Mr. Barton, who coached him was a great influence on him, and he says "it was an honor to be coached by him for three years". He also has fond memories of Ms. Olmstead who he considered to be a fantastic teacher: "She was a lot of fun and kept the classes engaging". Lastly, he says that he gave Jota (Ms. Julian-Cisse) "way too much grief and she was always fantastic". He appreciates that she was always warm hearted and genuinely loved the subject she was teaching.

At LGUHS, some important lessons he learned were:

  • When you surround yourself with good people you can thrive anywhere.
  • If you took the time used to procrastinate to be productive, you would have a lot more time on your hands.
  • Ask questions when you are confused; oftentimes others are as well and are too shy to speak up.
  • His advice for current Rebels:
  • Take the time to consider what you are passionate about and ASK someone how you can get there. Never settle on something because its status quo or its easy.
  • Be the person others look to when they’re in need.
  • Sometimes (all the time) the teachers and our parents actually know what’s best.