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The L&G Spain Trip Travelers want to express our sincere appreciation for the community's support in all of our fundraising efforts.  Muchas Gracias! to everyone!
L&G Spain Trip 2019, Raffle Winners:  The month-long calendar of raffle prizes ended January 31, with the winning tickets being drawn on February 1st. The winners will be contacted to get the prizes.

Spain Trip Raffle Winners:

Jan. 1: Rebecca Castillo: Top of the Hill Grill, a Gift Certificate

Jan. 2: Walter Slownski :Souvenirs from Spain, Painting & Pottery

Jan. 3: Melissa and Ben Carr: Dutton’s Farm Stand Pies

Jan. 4: Peter and Linda Simoneaux: Hand-Forged Iron Spatula By Rich Gillis

Jan. 5: Mardi Crave: 1 Hour Massage By Holly King

Jan. 6: Diane Bower: Handcrafted earrings

Jan. 7: Mary Ellen Krejmas: 1.5 lbs Homemade Chocolate Fudge

Jan. 8: April Wellmen:1 Qrt Derrybrook Maple Syrup

Jan. 9: Jorda Daigneault:Grafton Cheese Gift Certificate

Jan. 10: Carol Young:  Archer Mayor autographed book “Bury the Lead”

Jan. 11: Ron Kelley: Homemade Colossal Cookies

Jan. 12: Andrew Blackman: Rick’s Tavern Gift Certificate

Jan. 13: Diane Bower: Z Pots Pottery

Jan. 14: Mardi Crave Marina Restaurant Gift Certificate

Jan. 15: Ellen and Dave O’Connell: Hand-painted Scarf by Patricia Burleson

Jan. 16: Betty Wellman: Pura Vida soaps & body mist

Jan. 17: Lou Clark won handcrafted earrings

Jan. 18: Norma Tomey: West Townshend Friday Night Pizza

Jan. 19: Nastia Stevens:1 Qrt. Ameden Family Maple Syrup

Jan. 20: Jacki Krug: Green Mt. Orchard Bushel of Apples

Jan.21: Tim Shafer: Big Picture Farm Goat Milk Caramels

Jan. 22: Darcy Cutler: 1hr massage Tracy Berchi

Jan. 23: Sarah Stillwagon: Cottage House hoodie

Jan. 24: Lauri Garland: Maple Leaf Photography photo session

Jan. 25: Jeanushka Hodgkinson Qrt. Ameden Family Maple Syrup

Jan. 26: Wendy Dutton:  Souvenir from Spain

Jan. 27: Nastia Stevens:West Townshend Friday Night Pizza

Jan. 28: Sara Bernard: 1hr massage Margie Miller

Jan. 29: Jenn Frost: Qrt Derrybrook Maple Syrup

Jan. 30: Tammy Greenwood: Souvenirs from Spain

Jan. 31: Dave Baxter: 1hr massage Alison Trowbridge


Gracias, Jeryl Julian Cissé