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Refuse to use logoAttention all L&G students grades 9-12:

You have an incentive to remain substance free!


Refuse To Use L&G 2017-18

Graciously supported by:  Stratton Mountain, The Collaborative, and West River Valley Thrives


Students pledge to remain free from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Students and parents attend substance free educational events.

All participating students are eligible for an UNLIMITED SEASON PASS to Stratton Mountain Resort.


Student Pledge

   I will refuse to use alcohol, tobacco and any other drugs.

   I will not misuse any over-the-counter or prescription drugs (i.e., diet pills, cold medications, etc.)

   I will support my friends in their choice to refuse to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

   I will behave respectfully and responsibly at RTU events and while using my ski pass.

   I will attend at least five of the scheduled substance-use prevention programs sponsored by Leland and Gray or West River Valley Thrives.

   By joining the Refuse to Use program, I understand that I will voluntarily give my word and honor to this pledge and will follow the guidelines. If I cannot uphold this pledge, then my pass will be terminated.

Students attend FIVE substance free educational programs:

  The Kickoff Event at Leland and Gray on September 24, 2017 (7pm-8:30pm)

  Two programs at L&G before Thanksgiving Break 2017

  The Dialogue Night at L&G in January 2018

  One program at L&G  before February Break 2018


Parents attend TWO substance free educational programs:

  The Kickoff Event at L&G on September 24, 2017 (7pm-8:30pm)

  The Dialogue Night at L&G in January 2018


Students: Ski passes will be available for before the Thanksgiving holiday break and are valid everyday for the 2017-2018 season. To maintain your pass, you must remain substance free and you must attend the dialogue night in January 2018 and one other event before February Break. Note: A parent or guardian’s attendance is required at the dialogue night.

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L&G Refuse to Use Registration:



Please make $35.00 check out to WEST RIVER VALLEY THRIVES.  Refuse to use passes cost $50.00 West River Valley Thrives is subsidizing $15 for each L&G student.

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