Tour Italy!

tour italy image - venice at night

"Discover the regional traditions, the unique sights and the vibrant culture of Italy. Venice's canals make this city like no other on Earth. In Florence, history and culture are one and the same -the Renaissance Duomo symbolizes a major turning point in Western civilization. And the Roman Colosseum reminds us of the ancient empire's crucial role in shaping our world." -EF Tours

Art Teacher, Stephanie Nyzio, is leading the tour which is open to all high school students. For more information go to and type in tour number 1097545, and/or come to a meeting!

Students - Lunch meeting on Thursday, February 16th.  

Parents - Evening meeting, February 16th at 6:30 in Ms. Nyzio's classroom, B15.

Enroll by February 29 and receive a $150.00 discount!