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Kailuna Holmes - Young Writers Project

kailuna holmes smallWe want you all to know that Kailuna Holmes (10th grade) has been accepted into a semester long creative writing course with the Iowa Young Writer's Studio. This is (as I'm sure y'all are well aware!) one of the most prestigious/reputable writing programs in the U.S. The program has an acceptance rate of about 2.7% (Harvard is at 5%), and since they moved more of their courses online amidst the pandemic, applications were at an all time high! Go Kailuna, go!

This is undoubtedly a reflection of her writing abilities, perseverance, and courage to apply, but I also know it demonstrates the high quality education provided here at L&G. We have amazing writers and thinkers to work with, and when we introduce them to cool opportunities, they go for it. We are so lucky! Keep up the good work, everyone.